Bible Baptist Church of Clementon, NJ, held in-person services on Sunday, May 17. Attendees wore masks and were socially distanced. Following the service, local media interviewed Pastor Andy Reese.
Sunday evening, Pastor Reese received a call from the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, asking if he was aware of the governor’s order. Prior to his call, the prosecutor had watched the livestream of Pastor Reese’s service and was aware of how many were in attendance.
On Monday morning, Clementon’s chief of police delivered a copy of the governor’s order to Pastor Reese and informed him he had every intention of enforcing it, but was unable to inform Pastor Reese of the consequences. Pastor Reese received a phone call from the chief of police on Tuesday asking if he planned to hold his mid-week service in person.

Bible Baptist’s story was picked up by local radio, and you can read his Fox 29 Article.

Prayer request

Bible Baptist Church will be holding their mid-week service in person this evening.  Pray there will not be a media presence, police interruption, or local protestors.